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RUNDUTEC RNU-YTZ10S 12v.8Ah 130A(EN) YTZ10S CO: 216

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YTZ10S 12V-8,6Ah maintenance free (VRLA) battery for motorcycles, manufacturer YUASA. Importer company MICRONIX, spol. s r.o. Made in Japan. We supply batteries for motorcycles activated at the factory. Maintenance free batteries have 30% more starting power.
Maintenance-free (MF) VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) batteries YTZ10S never needs refilling, but still requires periodic recharging! Ideal for motorcycles, bicycles, mowers and personal watercraft.
- Pantented tight design gives no chance to spill acid. Battery YTZ10S is activated (filled, sealed and charged) at the factory.
- Advanced lead-calcium technology provides high performance for starting.
- Excellent vibration resistance makes this Yuasa battery as the most reliable on the market
- Low self-discharge rate of 0.2% per day - charged last longer than standard types