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Benefits of a Face Mask While Riding

Wearing a protective face mask can bring to mind images of bank robbers and other nefarious crimes, but motorcycle face masks, sometimes called balaclavas, refer to a piece of cloth that covers your neck and mouth and may even cover your entire head without inhibiting your vision.

Protection From Pollutants

Breathing in dirt and smog while you ride can lead to respiratory problems. You may cough or have an itchy throat after just a few hours of exposure. If you ride every day, your lung functions may be reduced. You may aggravate asthma or bronchitis. When you ride in rural communities, you may not be exposed to as much pollution, but you can be exposed to pollen. A face mask can reduce your exposure.

Protection From Weather

Fast Masks provide SPF 40 sun protection. When your face is exposed to the sun’s UV rays, you want extra protection against sunburn and skin cancers. Your face mask helps you stay warm when it’s cooler. Our fabric wicks away moisture and sweat for a safer and more comfortable ride.

Performance & Comfort

Face masks fit comfortably under your helmet for a smooth ride regardless of the weather. By keeping dust and dirt out of your mouth, you can ride for longer without discomfort. While there’s no requirement for motorcyclists to use face masks while riding, using one can certainly give you added protection.

Choosing a Face Mask for the Way You Ride

You’ll find face masks in many types of fabric. Winter face masks are often made of fleece or another microfiber that offers more warmth. For year-round riding, our high-quality 100% polyester microfiber keeps you from getting too sweaty while also providing warmth. Fast Mask protective face masks are stain and odour resistant. They’re machine washable and dry quickly in the dryer. Here are some things to consider when buying a face mask for riding.