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ANLAS 110/70-16 TOURNEE 52S CO: 32366

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Anlas 110/70-16 52P  TOURNEE  Motorcycle Tire
Suitable for Front and Rear Use.
Production Date: Produced within the last 1 year.
Anlas Tourne Features;
What it is: Made in the country, with a soft dough, it heats up fast, the shape is very sporty, and the grip and maneuverability in the first test are quite impressive. The first radial Scooter tire produced in Turkey. 

Anlaş's claim:  Superior handling, short braking distance, high performance on wet roads.


It is as soft as the City Grip, heats up just as fast, has a sportier appearance compared to it, and especially the rear tire looks extremely full. After passing the appearance test positively, we put on the tires and hit the track. These tires, which are technically lighter than both of their competitors, allow faster direction changes in the corners thanks to their lightness. The feel of the Tournee offered us a more comfortable ride compared to the Michelin City Grip. The dough is quite soft. The City Grip does not have the vibration that can be felt on the handlebars from time to time, although it is well-balanced at high speeds. We also did a brake test with this tire on the track. We found the feel better than City Grip, similar to Dunlop. On both brakes, it managed to slow down without the ABS kicking in.


It seems that Anlaş's Tournee will now become an important domestic competitor in the field of scooters against foreign tire manufacturers. Tournee, which has been produced for a range of fans from T-Max to X-max for nearly a year, leaves Istanbul Park in the front row with the score given by our test pilot Devrim Sirmen. The point to note here is that you can buy a tire that is as reliable as City Grip and cornering as well as Dunlop, at least 25% cheaper than its competitors