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Starting your motorcycling at full power (without preliminaries), rubbing your knee and elbow at every curve you encounter, taking every opportunity to hit a rear wheel or make a stoppy .... all this (and much more) are part of the pleasure of riding but it can sometimes have expensive results. Indeed a poorly controlled start at full acceleration, a badly negotiated turn, a bad encounter with a careless driver, a badly placed crutch, or a basic accident can have negative consequences for your beauty…

These are just a few examples of the many situations in which your motorbike can be harmed, and we hope that whatever you have been through the damages have been limited and did not impact more than your motorcycle (which is already a lot). On the other hand, if it is a crankcase that was touched during your fall or accident, the problem can be much more serious than “”just”” a scratch, with more consequences than just aesthetics : your motorcycle can be immobilized (and it's is by far the worst that can happen to it) ... Guaranteed anger and frustration in this case, especially when your dealer presents you a crazy expensive quotation to put your motorcycle back on its 2 wheels!

Anyway, and we have no doubt about it, it is with a heavy heart that you are now looking for new parts or accessories to heal the wounds of your motorcycle, to get it dressed as it deserves or to put it back on its two wheels as soon as possible, all without putting your bank account to the same fate. Do not worry, AVDB Moto has thought of you as much as of your motorbike and offers you this aftermarket starter crank case, built with OEM specs. Featuring the same fastening points as your OEM cover, this ignition cap will install directly in place of your old one, over your engine cover’s fastening points, without any modification to be made upon installation. Simply position the seal correctly for an optimal mounting (seal not included with this crankcase cover).

The pictures accurately display the color and shape of this engine cover, showcasing the exact starter cover you will receive. The perfect parts’ solution for purists, for those who want to keep their machine the same as when it got out of the factory, with the same specificities as OEM, but with a price much more respectful of one’s budget than from the manufacturer.