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  • ROAD - STOCK BIKE : P08 Sprint Filter air filters are designed to be used on original motorcycles.
    Replace the original paper filter without modifying the ECU mapping . The airflow, while being greater than the original, does not affect the correct working of the motorcycle.
    The first advantage for a stock bike is SAVING MONEY:
    • Replace Air Filter once in the motorcycle life.
    • Fuel Saving at same engine performances.
    The second advantage for a stock bike are the PERFORMACES : There are cases in which replacing the original air filter with a P08 also brings advantages in terms of performances. To support this theory Sprint Filter turned to the Test Centre of the oldest Italian motorcycle magazine : Motociclismo. In this certificated center a true stock Honda CBR 1000 RR air filter was replaced. The result was remarkable: 2.5 hp  gain !


  • RACE - STOCK AND RACE MOTORCYCLES: P08 Sprint Filter air filters are designed FOR RACE USE.
    Maybe not everyone knows that Sprint Filter has developed this type of filters starting from the SBK in 2009  with the Honda Ten Kate and Honda Althea and then step by step with all the top Teams, winning for example the world championship in 2011  with Team Ducati Althea ,  with the DUCATI 1198 rided by Checa.
    After tens of tests made everyday by teams from all around the world on the dynamometer benches, flushing benches and comparative tests on the track, with pressure sensors inside the air box, Sprint Filter can  report that, compared with the best 2 layers RACING air cotton filter, the air filter Sprint Filter P08 is able to lean the air fuel mixture from a minimum of 1% up to a maximum of 5% (depending on the architecture of the engine), but mostly it is evident that the load losses in the airbox are much lower than the cotton filters (2 and 4 layers) and the sponge for sure. The results become more evident and laden with the maximum speed of the air inlet in the airbox. The membrane structure of the P08 makes it possible to pass a precise amount of air through the calibrated holes and lower pressure drop is even more pronounced than any other special filter at speed motor rising.