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- Battery MTX9A MOTOBATT GEL technology. It never requires maintenance.

- The battery has a very good performance when in rapid discharge, giving it a longer life.

- Highly efficient oxygen recombination cycle extends battery life.

- Superior resistance to high and low charge and discharge temperatures, improves extreme temperature operating range and battery life.

- Excellent battery self-protection from overcharge and discharge.

- The electrolyte in GEL form ensures that there will be no leaks and that the battery will not be short-circuited for this reason.

- Available in attractive colors and with excellent anti-vibration design.

- The battery is produced according to the standards of automatic plate welding technology.

- Replaces types: YTX9-BS, GTX9-BS, YTZ12S, YTZ14S, YT12A-BS, MBTX9U.