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EK Chain Z3D Chain 3D SIZE 520 - 525 co : 454503

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EK Chain 525 - 520  Z3D Chain

The EK Z3D Series Chain has set a high benchmark for chain design. Each outer plate features a beautiful 3D curved shape that is both eye-catching and delivers excellent performance. Each plate is forged to be highly stiff and assure that the most power is delivered to the rear wheel and tire. The outer plate is dimpled for additional strength while the inner plate features cutouts at its center and edges to reduce the overall weight. These cutouts also mean you’ll have less chain surface to clean. The edge cutouts combined with the chromium carbide roller pins allows the EK Z3D to engage smoother and with much less friction compared to your traditional chain design.


  • Can be used for street and touring motorcycles
  • QX2-ring
  • 30% better wear resistant than the previous QX-ring
  • Weight reducing cutouts
  • Dimple outer plate
  • Chromium carbide roller pins
  • 30% better wear resistant than the previous QX-ring
  • Compatible displacement: 1,200cc Street
  • Weight per 100 links: 4.18 lbs
  • Tensile strength: 10,000 lbs
  • Includes a rivet type master link