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SPRINT AIR FILTER FOR HONDA HORNET 600 07-, CBR 600 F 11-, CBF 600 N/S/ABS 08 CO: 32053

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The innovative polyester SPRINT FILTER P08 stands apart from all other special filters in cotton for its increased air permeability along with its more efficient filtration and easy maintenance. INCREASED AIR PERMEABILITY Diagrams clearly demonstrate that air permeability in comparison with that of a common special air filter in cotton is distinctly superior. The increase in air permeability and better performance in comparison with common special filters in cotton is mainly due to two essential elements: the filtering material is made of a structure in polyester and the filter’s folds are higher. These folds are what allow for the highest filtering surface on panel filters (20 mm) and work to the fullest advantage of air permeability and the quality of dirt filtration. Moreover, the total absence of oil to contain dirt allows for increased air entry with equal surface area. Furthermore, when considering that the filtering surface is very wide, an increase in air flow of approximately 25% is obtained in comparison with a cotton filter, working to the fullest advantage of the engine’s performance and the guaranteed protection of increased filtration.


Besides its increased air permeability, SPRINT FILTER P08 ensures extremely efficient filtration: as much as 80 microns, allowing to sieve out 93.13% of 100 micron particles versus the 76.42% of 100 micron particles trapped by cotton filters. This is made possible thanks to the special structure made of 5 micron diameter yarns which are woven together to leave room for a wide surface in which air passes freely. This special structure creates a pattern that measures 80 microns. In comparison with an air filter in cotton soaked in oil to trap impurities, filtration efficiency and air permeability remain steady through time: the air filter in cotton needs periodic oiling and does not guarantee the same filtration efficiency and air permeability as our P08. Moreover, it is to be pointed out that oil permanency on an air filter in cotton during normal use is quite brief, to the disadvantage of engine protection.

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